1. How to take care of your braces

    Straight and properly aligned teeth, an attractive smile, enhanced oral and dental function, and an improved dental health in general are some of the added advantages of the having braces. Extra care and caution is required to be paid when you have braces, however. Here are some of the common features of wearing and maintaining healthy and comfortable braces: Good oral and braces hygiene is very i…Read More

  2. Why You Should Go In For Invisible Braces

    Do you have uneven teeth? Are you seeking a way to avoid metal braces? Is your social image too vital for you? If you answered yes to any and all these questions then you should know that there is a solution that can help you. The solution is not a painful surgery or a complicated procedure. The solution is to use invisible braces. These braces are equally effective as metal braces and would keep …Read More

  3. Sparkling Teeth and Strong Gums!

    All of us secretly wish for the "perfect" smile with beautiful, white teeth and ideal, clean gums. However, we're not all blessed with the same set of teeth. Some of us are lucky, but without proper maintenance, even the lucky ones could lose their perfect smile. Our teeth could easily lose their luster, and it could lead to costly and time consuming dental work. It may seem strange, but there was…Read More

  4. What Are Dental Bridges and When Are They Used?

    A dental bridge is a restorative dental product which is primarily used to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges are often times compared to other cosmetic restorative products such as dentures and implant products. When an individual has missing teeth, it can severely impact not only the aesthetic features of one's facial properties, but also cause other damaging effects such as misalignment of t…Read More

  5. Your Heart is in Your Mouth: Good Oral Hygiene Could Mean Healthier Hearts

    For years, you may have overlooked a handy tool in the fight against cardiovascular disease: your toothbrush. Studies link tooth and gum health to heart health. A 2005 review from Finland’s Helsinki University Central Hospital, which was published in the “Journal of Periodontology,” found that chronic inflammation, such as that found in gum disease, increases the risk that a patient will dev…Read More

  6. White Coating on the Tongue

    Did you notice any white coating on your tongue? The white coating found on the tongue are actually formed by countless of unusual microbes known as biofilm. There are usually many accumulated bacteria found on the tongue which will cause bad breath. Proper oral care and tongue brushing can help to minimize the problem. You can either use a tongue cleaner or toothbrush to eliminate the white coati…Read More

  7. Baby Teeth Are More Important That You Might Think

    Childhood cavities seem inevitable – nearly every kid gets one at some point or another – and baby teeth aren’t permanent, so it’s no big deal if kids occasionally skip brushing and flossing, right? Pediatric dentists disagree. Despite the common belief that baby teeth aren’t important, taking care of children’s teeth will help them develop healthy adult smiles. Baby teeth serve the …Read More

  8. Why Saliva is Important

    When it comes to oral health, most Americans think about keeping their teeth and gums healthy. But there is an important player in the game of oral health that is often overlooked — saliva. Without saliva, food wouldn’t taste as good, tooth decay would increase and digestion could be more difficult. Michael Brennan, DDS, MHS, director of the Sjögren’s Syndrome and Salivary Disorders Center …Read More

  9. Impress the family this season with a whiter smile!

    It’s the season of joy and it’s pack with good food, music, and lots of smiles. Thanks to gifts, holiday spirit, and the sweet smell of peppermint we have a lot of reason to smile brightly. With all that smiling, wouldn’t you want to impress your relatives with a healthy white smile? It’s easy for our teeth to lose its vibrancy over time due to things like coffee, sodas, and many of other …Read More