General DentistryStraight and properly aligned teeth, an attractive smile, enhanced oral and dental function, and an improved dental health in general are some of the added advantages of the having braces. Extra care and caution is required to be paid when you have braces, however.

Here are some of the common features of wearing and maintaining healthy and comfortable braces:

  • Good oral and braces hygiene is very important because any food particles that you swallow tend to get stuck in between the wires and this may lead to decay of the enamel. Prevention of the food sticking to the smaller areas is a very important factor. Left over foods in the mouth also combines with the bacteria residing in the mouth to produce some bleaching agents which is harmful for the quality of teeth.
  • The best way to keep the braces clean is to brush after every meal you have. Make use of the floss threader at least once a day to clear the braces or under the wires. You can double check in the mirror and make sure all the food particles are gone. If by chance you do not have your toothbrush with you, do not forget to rinse your mouth rigorously with water.
  • The braces are made up of those thin wires that you might have seen. These wires are tightened by the dentist at every visit you make. It might cause some discomfort and pressure on the teeth. The doctor will recommend eating soft foods along with some pain relievers. Furthermore, sometimes, the braces can be rubbed on the inside of the lips. In such cases, there is a special wax available that is supposed to be applied on the wires to prevent them from touching the inside of the lips.
  • Another important factor that has to be considered is the time period of how long the braces need to be worn. Most of the times, it depends on the type of complication prevalent. On an average, all the braces are worn for 18 to 30 months. Once the prescribed time period of wearing the clear braces is over, the patient will have to wear the retainer. A retainer is used to maintain the position of the teeth while the alignment of the tissues that surround the teeth is straightened.
  • Foods that promote tooth decay and all types of gum diseases should be avoided. For instance sweets, soda, sugary or starchy foods should be strictly avoided during the time you have clear braces on. This is because once the sugary or the sticky foods stick to the braces, they are difficult to remove. Pay special attention to the wires by the front teeth by avoiding eating the carrots, apples, or any crunchy and solid foods.

Braces are meant to strengthen and beautify the oral hygiene to a great extent. It is very important they stay safe and healthy so you can have a beautiful and vibrant smile!