PeriodonticsAll of us secretly wish for the “perfect” smile with beautiful, white teeth and ideal, clean gums. However, we’re not all blessed with the same set of teeth. Some of us are lucky, but without proper maintenance, even the lucky ones could lose their perfect smile. Our teeth could easily lose their luster, and it could lead to costly and time consuming dental work.

It may seem strange, but there was a time when we didn’t have the tools for regular upkeep and cleaning of our teeth. With the strides made in cosmetic dentistry and advancements in regular dentistry, we now have a solution to all these problems.

The solution to your problems is at found at a local dentist. Whether it is clear braces, or periodontal maintenance or cosmetic treatments, they have it all. Losing teeth is not a natural phenomenon of old age. If you undergo dental maintenance regularly, you might be able to keep all of your teeth for a long time to come.

Periodontal Maintenance

The complete teeth cleaning process is known as periodontal maintenance. Such maintenance is essential to curb the growth of bacteria in your gums. When bacteria from the plaque colonize in the gum tissue, it results in periodontal diseases. Periodontal disease can cause chronic inflammation and irritation in the gums and teeth. The body then begins to destroy the bone and gum tissue, which results in shifting or lost teeth. The bacteria progresses further into the teeth and stays in the gaps between the teeth and gums. Eventually, it travels to the other parts of the body via the bloodstream. Thus, causing infection in the body.

The best way to check this disease is regular periodontal maintenance with a reputed dentist in Toledo, OH.

Benefits of Periodontal Maintenance

Is periodontal maintenance essential even with regular brushing and flossing? Is periodontal maintenance more than just regular teeth care?

Listed below are a few benefits of periodontal maintenance or prophylaxis:

  • Eliminating tartar: Tartar and plaque build-up below and above the gum line is normal, despite regular brushing and flossing. Bacterial invasion in the gums is a result of unchecked plaque and tartar. Only an experienced dentist in Toledo, OH, can detect and clean the accumulated tartar and plaque. Thus, controlling further bacterial growth.
  • Get back the sparkling smile: Lack of regular teeth maintenance results in stained, yellow teeth. If you want your sparkling, glorious smile to persist, periodontal maintenance is essential.

Fresh breath: One of the consequences of bacterial invasion is foul-smelling breath. Bad smelling breath can be a result of rotting food particles stuck below the gum line or possible